Why Is Now The Best Time To Tune-up My Air Conditioner?

Spring FlowersWhen the summers are long and warm, your air conditioner is the hardest worker in your home. Without proper maintenance, however, your cooling system can fail you when you need it the most. Sure, you might get away with using your air conditioning system during fair weather, but it’s likely to break down when extreme heat increases your home’s cooling demands.

Scheduling an tune-up for your air conditioner with Best now can save you the expense of repairing or replacing the system with an emergency call for AC repair service later.

Save Energy and Money

Did you know that a neglected cooling system can cost you an upwards of 25 percent more in utility bills? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, without a regular tune-up, your system will run up to 25 percent less efficient than a well-maintained one.

Think of it like your car–Just as a car runs better when it receives regular tune-ups, your air conditioner benefits from preventative maintenance as well. Air conditioning systems are made up of components designed to work in balance with each other for optimal performance. A single malfunctioning part can upset that careful balance, resulting in reduced energy efficiency. Poor energy efficiency means that you’ll pay more on your monthly energy bills.

Prevent Future Repairs

During maintenance service, our expert HVAC technicians can often spot and resolve simple problems before they lead to costly AC repairs. A faulty thermostat can cause some rooms in your home to feel warmer than others, impairing the system’s performance.

We’ll not only look at your main unit, but your ductwork, too. Leaks in the ductwork can force the cooling system to run longer than necessary, which means higher energy bills. A defective capacitor can cause ice to form on the evaporator coils, impairing performance. An undetected refrigerant leak can quickly cause the entire cooling system to fail. Regular maintenance is the most economical way to prevent expensive repairs down the road.

Repair or Replace?

Regular maintenance not only allows our experienced technicians to tune-up your air conditioning system but to keep track of the system’s overall condition as well. That can prove helpful when it comes time to weigh the cost of a repair against the cost of replacement.

If your equipment is more than 10 years old, replacement may be the most cost-effective option. Today’s home comfort systems are significantly more energy efficient than their older counterparts. Our technicians can help you crunch the numbers to help you determine your best option.

So why is early Spring the right time to schedule your tune-up? When the weather in Salt Lake City gets hot, the demand for air conditioning repairs and services increases. So, the best time to schedule a checkup for your cooling system is before the summer rush. Let Best Heating & Cooling provide you the service you need now for comfort all summer long!