7 Ways to Love on your HVAC System

Paper house over setting sun

It’s the season of love and we all want to keep cozy. Show your HVAC system some love to ensure you and your loved ones are comfortable in your home.

  • Surprise your HVAC system with something they love! Change out old filters for new ones to keep your system clean and happy.
  • Make time for your vents. Check your home vents to make sure they are not covered by coaches, curtains or cats. Vents that are uncovered will work more effectively to warm or cool your home.
  • Signed, sealed, goodbye drafts! Air leaks in your home welcome cool air in and waste warm air from your system. Ensure that all windows are shut, and doors have weather seals to prevent sneaky drafts.
  • Plan a date for inspection. Hire a professional to inspect your unit and ensure it’s working as it should. Regular maintenance decreases the chances of your system having big problems down the road.
  • Make sure your insulation feels it’s best. Inadequate insulation can be the source of a lost heat from your system. Especially in older homes, insulation is weaker and will create cooler areas in your house.
  • Treat yourself to window treatments! Window coverings are a great way to improve your home’s heating and cooling. Close your curtains to add an extra layer of insulation between the glass and your room. Open them during the day to allow the sun to do its natural work and warm your home.
  • Commitment is great but sometimes you need an upgrade. Modern HVAC equipment are more efficient and cost effective for your home.  

If you want to show your HVAC system that you truly care this Valentine’s day, call Best Heating & Air at (801) 492-0977.