Award-Worthy Maintenance for Your Home

gas furnace maintenance

Don’t fall into the emergency repair trap like your neighbors this winter; outshine them all with a regular maintenance agreement. Best Heating & Air is ready to help you treat your home like a star every step of the way!

Here are the top three reasons why a regular maintenance agreement benefits you and your home:

Saves You Money

Did you know that up to half of your home’s energy is put toward heating and cooling alone? As a result of improper maintenance, debris accumulates, pushing your system to work harder. Oftentimes homeowners will wait until an unexpected repair happens to take action. Minor repairs are often overlooked or not noticed at all, leading to an entire system failure. This ends up being a major cost that your wallet was not prepared for.

Lengthens Your HVAC System’s Life

Proper maintenance allows your HVAC system to shine and flourish the way it is meant to. The cleaning and lubrication that comes with a maintenance agreement ensures ideal airflow and efficient motor function. Obstructed airways make your system work harder than it needs to, while a rusty unit creates resistance and increased electricity use. Reward yourself with an HVAC unit that provides for you longer than you had imagined.

Priority Service

It is not uncommon for HVAC companies to be very busy during cold snaps, so don’t risk the comfort of your home when you need it the most! With a regularly-scheduled maintenance agreement, you will not have to worry about waiting for assistance.

Your home allows you and your family to live in comfort throughout the year, so why not treat it like a star? Investing in a maintenance agreement with Best Heating & Air ensures you and your home are always taken care of. Call (801) 692-0921 or contact us online for more information.