Benefits of Fall Preseason HVAC Maintenance

You get your yearly medical check-up. You routinely change your vehicle’s oil. What about maintenance on your home? Time wears away at your heating system, usually going unnoticed until it’s too late. Staying prepared in the fall saves your family from being stuck with an unexpected system failure in the colder months to come! At Best Heating & Cooling, we want to treat all our neighbors in the Valley to a cozy fall through preventative maintenance. With this small investment, know you’ll be saving money, ensuring your family’s safety, and improving your overall comfort.

Saves money

Most homeowners skip out on preventative maintenance, thinking it will drive up their expenses. In reality, routine maintenance dramatically lowers your bills in the long run. As the seasons change, dust and debris become impacted in your system, forcing it to work in overdrive. This extra load drives up your energy usage and can eventually turn into a spooky repair cost if not handled properly. Treating your home to this “pre”-care helps ensure that your heating system is running at its peak efficiency. As with anything, proper care will extend the life of your beloved comfort unit. Check out our spook-tacular savings for more ways to treat your home!

Keeps your family safe

Though they are not always visible, we share our homes with various substances that aren’t always friendly. These common indoor allergens can range from dust and pet dander to pollen, viruses and even mold. The accumulation of these allergens can aggravate family members who may suffer from respiratory issues like asthma. With mindful maintenance, we at Best make sure that the warm air pumping through your vents is as well-filtered and clean as possible.

High-quality comfort

You and your loved ones depend on your HVAC system to keep you comfortable year ‘round. Regular maintenance like a heating tune-up aids your system in producing and distributing warm air more steadily and evenly. No one wants to come home one winter’s day to frigid air blasting through the vents! Forget the possibility of even hearing or smelling anything eerie; our professionals catch any irregularities on the spot!

Fall into October effortlessly with preventative maintenance! What else can give you more peace of mind than knowing you, your loved ones and your home are all being taken care of? With a heating system check-up from Best, we will do what is necessary to keep you comfortable and safe, and it comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us online or call us at (801) 492-0977 today to schedule service!