4 Common Winter HVAC Problems

Winter brings lower temperatures and unpredictable weather. Utah does not have the most extreme weather patterns, but we still want to stay warm

Prep your HVAC System for the Cold Weather Ahead

Picture this, you are settled in your most comfortable chair enjoying a nice cup of coffee with a plan to spend this cold, blustery winter day at

Furnace Checklist for Winter

As the leaves change colors, and the days start getting shorter, winter is just around the corner! Along with winter comes the inevitable col

Protect your HVAC System from Creepy Critters!

Boo! It’s time for Halloween! Tis the season for scaring, but you probably don’t want to be scared by creepy crawly critters, especially

How to Prepare Your Home for Cooler Weather

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and fall is quickly approaching.  Before you know it, you’ll be looking for your favorite, c

How do you know when your A/C unit needs repair (or replacement)?

Your A/C unit can give off a variety of signs to indicate when there is a problem.  Being able to identify these signs can mean the difference b

Summer Energy Saving Tips

Keep cool while ensuring your wallet stays comfortable!  Below are some great ways to beat the summer heat, without busting your budget.

Can Weather Affect Your A/C Unit’s Ability to Cool Your Home?

The simple answer is  - yes!  In the summer, when the temperature outside heats up, your A/C unit has to work harder to keep the temperatures i

Can a Heat Pump Replace My HVAC System?

In this part of the country, temperatures vary widely over the different seasons. Maybe you’ve already given your air conditioning a trial

Beat Allergy Season

  We all welcome spring after the long dreary months of winter. But, the fair weather also brings pollen -- followed by other allerge