Cleaner Air Equals a Cleaner Healthier Home

kid with humidifier

Did you know that Americans are spending over 90 percent of their time indoors, and air pollution is a top five growing concern in our nation today? It’s especially growing within our region. Recently, The Salt Lake Tribune featured an article about growing concerns in regards to air quality in The Valley. As we all make strides for cleaner air in our community, it also is important to maintain the air quality in our homes.  The Best Heating & Cooling team is here with two simple ways to work towards cleaner air and a healthier home.

When the indoor air quality starts to decrease, you and your family are the ones taking the hit. Although polluted air is naked to the human eye most of time, these pollutants pose serious threats to all. Bacteria, dust, viruses, and dead skin cells recirculating throughout your home do not just aggravate allergies. Reports show that poor air quality contributes to increased rates of asthma, respiratory infections, frequent colds, lethargy, skin rashes, and ultimately an increased risk of cancer. So what can you do to keep your family’s indoor air cleaner this year? Here are two simple tips to help.

Tips for Cleaner Indoor Air for Your Family:

  • Invest in an Aprilaire Humidifier! – Humidifiers do not just contribute to your health, they aid in the preservation of your home and comfort as well. Humidifiers decrease the likelihood of you contracting a respiratory infection, triggering your allergies, and remove dust mites altogether. You can also say goodbye to winter dryness for your nose, skin, and throat when teaming up with a humidifier, as they add needed moisture to the air. As far as your home is concerned, all objects that may be prone to cracking or warping due to fluctuating humidity levels will have more resilience, as well. Find out more about Aprilaire, here and save $100 on your purchase with our deal!
  • Check out Coleman’s Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaner! – Ensure the security of your family with Coleman. Coleman’s technology removes an outstanding 99 percent of allergens, 94 percent of dust in the air, and 80 percent of indoor virus particles. It doesn’t just stop there – cleaner air enters your home with each and every use! Although it may sound like a taxing job, Coleman’s air cleaning technology uses a fraction of energy with its low air flow resistance! Minimal maintenance comes as an added bonus. Simply clean the filter once a year without moving a single component. Enjoy Coleman’s purified air with a five-year warranty.

Breathe easier this winter, and know that your family’s health is in good hands with Aprilaire’s humidifier and Coleman’s Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaner. Cleaner air makes for a happy healthier home. Give the Best Heating & Cooling team a call at (801) 492-0977 to learn more about improving indoor air quality.