Handling Summer Heat

Summer brings sunshine, warmth and enjoyment in spending time outdoors. Too much heat, however, can leave you agitated, exhausted and burned out. With the rising temperatures of June, there’s nothing like cooling down in the comfort of your home. Your comfort is the number one reason why having an efficient air handler is so important. Best Heating & Cooling in Utah County is here to help you escape the summer heat!

Air Handlers Explained

The air handler is the unit that focuses on transforming and delivering the air you need for your family’s comfort. By working alongside your HVAC system’s ductwork the air handler is able to create a recurring comfort cycle. This unit consists mainly of an indoor coil or evaporator coil, a blower motor, the air supply and the return connectors.

  • The coil is a crucial contributor to the refrigeration cycle. Cool coils are able to cool down the incoming air by removing the humidity content. In order to create warm air, the coils warm up and transfer their heat to the passing air.
  • The blower motor moves the transformed air to the connected ductwork, then circulated throughout your home. There are three speeds a blower motor can have:
    • Single-speed: operates on one fixed speed, cycling on and off as needed
    • Multi-speed: operates on multiple speeds, able to do high demand jobs while sustaining overall comfort
    • Variable-speed: operates fan speed to precisely manage the flow of heated and cool air, achieves consistent temperatures
  • The air supply and return connectors are simply in charge of supplying your home with air and returning it to the air handler.

Coleman’s Air Handler Selection

At Best Heating & Air, we have proudly teamed up with Coleman to provide quality air handlers for you and your home. We know the summer heat is creeping up, so we want to make sure you’re prepared. Here are a couple of their premium air handlers you can choose from:

  • Variable-speed convertible air handler: 10-year warranty on internal functional parts, Comfort-R, increased efficiency, humidity control
  • Evolution System Fan Coil Model FE4A: smart diagnostics, DuraTech coil protection, advanced user interface, 10-year warranty on parts

Interested in Coleman’s products? Click here for more information!

Importance of Care

The air handler is not a unit that should be left behind in maintenance. It can silently break down before other parts in your HVAC system. Trust the professionals at Best to ensure balanced air supply and movement of your unit. Inadequate balance disrupts the flow, sacrificing indoor comfort.

Call an AC Pro in SLC & Utah County

Best Heating & Cooling proudly serves you and your family this summer. Gift your family the bliss of coolness in this month of heat. Remember the more efficient the air handler, the happier and cooler your loved ones will be. Don’t sacrifice your household’s relaxation – contact our Salt Lake City and Utah County air conditioning experts online or call us at (801) 492-0977 today!