Keeping The Salt Lake Valley Cool This Summer

Coming home to a sweltering house is never fun. As soon as you walk in you realize… hey, the air conditioner isn’t working. Sigh. Best Heating & Cooling is working hard to keep the valley cool this summer.

As temperatures begin to rise and summer hits its full stride, keeping your family cool and comfortable is our #1 goal. Preventative maintenance is always the best bet for maintaining the overall longevity of your unit and as your local heating and cooling experts, Best has your back – all year long and when problems arise. 

So what sort of air conditioning issues occur most often in the heat of summer?

The 3 most common reasons why air conditioning (A/C) units fail during the peak summer heat:

  1. Dirty air filter – A dirty air filter blocks airflow and forces your unit to run longer and harder to cool your home. It can cause excessive wear on your unit, plus your circuit breaker can trip if your unit overheats. How often should you change your filter? It’s best to change it once a month.
  2. Dirty A/C condenser coils – Dirty condenser coils can cause a similar issue – your unit runs longer and harder to cool your home, thus causing it to overheat. Condenser coils are refrigerant filled tubes and are contained in your air conditioner’s outside unit. If dirt and grime cover the coils, they struggle to release the heat absorbed from your indoor air. It’s kind of like wearing a wool sweater on a hot day. The heat can’t leave and the unit overheats. With this issue, you’ll often notice lukewarm air through your vents. A unit experiencing this issue overheats because it can never reach the thermostat temperature setting and continually runs while trying.
  3. Low refrigerant – This issue also can cause your unit to constantly run as well, leading to overheating too. In this case, you most likely have a leak. This can happen due to the age of a system or due to a small hole or crack. Signs of low refrigerant include your home not cooling as quickly as you’re used to, air conditioner struggling to cool home on very hot days and/or the outside unit being covered in ice.

If you live in the valley and are experiencing any of the above issues or just wishing to get that early summer preventative maintenance in now and keep cool all summer long, give our team a shout-out. We’re happy to help, and we make scheduling super easy. Hop over to our simple online scheduling form or give us a call at (801) 492-0977.