Prep your HVAC System for the Cold Weather Ahead

Picture this, you are settled in your most comfortable chair enjoying a nice cup of coffee with a plan to spend this cold, blustery winter day at home. As you are sitting there you notice your home getting increasingly colder. Oh no! Your heating system is not working, and your lazy day has suddenly gone out the window. Don’t wait to get your HVAC system ready for the upcoming cold weather, use these helpful tips to ensure your system is ready now (and won’t leave you out in the cold!).

● Change your air filter. Make changing your air filter a monthly habit. Trapped dust isn’t always visible but it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. A clogged air filter causes your system to work harder to keep you comfortable, creating higher energy bills and potentially reducing the lifespan of your system.
● Set your programmable thermostat for the cold weather. If you don’t currently have a programmable thermostat, consider having a one installed. It allows you to program preset temperatures for various times of the day so that your heating system works less when you’re away.
● Warm up your heating unit. All appliances, including your HVAC system, benefit from regular use. After your heating system has sat unused for a long period of time it’s good to get it ready by running it for a few weeks before it gets too cold.
● Check unusual noises. If you hear strange sounds coming from your heating system make sure to call an experienced furnace repair technician. These noises could be an indication of system malfunction. Your technician will be able to do a thorough check to make sure that it is running safely and reliably.
● Unblock air vents. Make sure there isn’t anything blocking the air vents (i.e. furniture, bedding, toys, etc.) to ensure proper air circulation. Proper air circulation keeps your system from overworking in order to keep you comfortable.
● Schedule a furnace tune-up. If you haven’t yet, schedule a HVAC system tune-up. This will keep your system running safely and efficiently while ensuring your comfort.

Whether you are hosting a holiday party or just sitting at home relaxing with a cup of coffee, at Best Heating & Cooling we want to make sure you are comfortable this winter. Give us a call for all of your home comfort needs in Utah County and the Salt Lake City area.