Protect your HVAC System from Creepy Critters!

Boo! It’s time for Halloween! Tis the season for scaring, but you probably don’t want to be scared by creepy crawly critters, especially ones in your house. Unfortunately, if you do not have regular maintenance performed on your HVAC system, they may be getting in without your knowledge.  Below are some common critters that can creep into your home through your HVAC system.



Cockroaches are small enough to be able to squeeze through cracks and will nest in cool, dark places like your ductwork. They are deemed harmful due to their dirty living habits and excessive reproduction capabilities. Worst of all, a cockroach can carry diseases that can make you very sick.



Spiders can get into your ductwork, vents and HVAC unit if these areas are not properly cleaned and maintained. Although spiders may not cause damage to your HVAC system, they can pose a danger to you.  Many spiders have sufficiently potent venom to injure humans.  In fact, black widows, which are considered the most venomous spider in North America, can be found in Utah.


Mice & Rats

Mice and rats are known for crawling around tight spaces.  Unlike cockroaches and spiders, mice and rats can do significant damage to your HVAC system. Specifically, they often use duct material to build nests if they get the opportunity. They can also chew through refrigerant lines and other HVAC components, which can lead to costly repairs.



Due to the cold-blooded nature of snakes and inability to regulate their body temperatures, they will seek warm shelter when the weather turns cold.  Snakes can be found nesting in ductwork and could even breed there.  They may even be attracted to the coils on your condenser unit due to the heat it generates.  In this instance, when the fan blades start up, a large snake could damage the blades or other parts on your unit.


At Best Heating & Cooling, we can maintain your HVAC system on a regular basis so that you will not be surprised by creepy critters this October!  Our maintenance agreements take the worry out of maintenance and ensure that your system works day after day – with no surprises!


Give us a call or  schedule online.  We can help with all of your heating & cooling needs…and no scary surprises!!