Slam Dunk To Do’s before Turning on your A/C

covered air conditioning unit

March is here, and the “madness” of basketball tournaments will soon begin. While we’re gearing up for spring-like temps, you don’t want to wait until the heat of summer – when you need it functioning at its peak performance – to find out you have a problem with your air conditioning.

Before turning on your A/C for the first time since last summer or fall, you’ll want to take a moment to look everything over.

In our many years of experience providing HVAC service in the valley, we’ve found five tips to guarantee that the performance of your air conditioning will be a slam dunk:

  1. Replace your air filter if it’s been more than three months (or longer depending on manufacturer recommendations).
  2. Look over your vents and exposed duct work for signs of wear, and to see if there are items blocking airways that can be removed to improve air flow.
  3. Check your outdoor unit to be sure it’s cleared of leaves, sticks and debris which could affect performance.
  4. Look over wiring inside and out. Do you have frayed or exposed wires? If so, leave it to the professionals.
  5. Schedule a cooling tune-up with Best Heating & Cooling. Relay important information to your tech, such as if you’ve felt hot or cold spots around your home, and if you’ve heard any odd noises coming from your system.

Following these tips will ensure your air conditioning will do its job when you need it to.

With regular, semi-annual maintenance to your HVAC system, you’ll extend its life and enjoy clean, comfortable air all year long. And that’s a promise you can take to the hoop!

If you live in the valley, call Best at (801) 492-0977 to schedule a checkup of your air conditioning system today!