Utah Thermostat Vacation Mode

Utah summers bring smiles, flip flops, ice cream, backyard BBQs, the pool and family vacation time, but also higher electricity bills as we all try to keep cool in peak summer months. Are you curious about what your thermostat vacay mode should be? We’ve got the answers.  

Adjusting the thermostat when you leave on vacation will save energy, but what’s the correct setback temperature? The closer your thermostat setback is to the outdoor temperature, the more energy you will save, but that’s not always the best route. Experts suggest four degrees as the sweet spot.  

If you normally set your thermostat at 72 degrees Fahrenheit (F) during the summer, then raise your inside temperature to 76 degrees F when on extended summer vacations. In the winter, if you set the thermostat at 60 degrees F, then a fall back to 56 degrees F, for example. Moreover, experts note that adding or subtracting a few degrees when traveling and away from home is always better than a full shutdown. 

Thermostat hints for when on vacation: 

  • For a standard thermostat, the colder or warmer your “vacation” temperature is from your ideal indoor temperature, the longer it will take your home to return to this ideal temperature … unless you have a newer programmable thermostat. 
  • In summer months, if you live in an extremely hot climate, it is best to setback the thermostat to no higher than 85 degrees F to protect temperature-sensitive appliances, components and drywall. 
  • If leaving on vacation and your pets will be staying home with a visiting pet sitter, keep in mind their comfort level when choosing a setback temperature.  
  • Keep in mind that excessive humidity in a too-hot home can lead to mildew. Keeping you’re A/C running at a reasonable pace, even when you are gone in summer months, is always best.  
  • In the winter months, never go excessively low on a setback temperature (or completely shut down), as you need to protect against freezing pipes. Experts say no lower than 50 degrees F and keep sink cabinet doors open. 

Power of Thermostat Innovation  

Already on vacation and forgot about the thermostat? Did you know newer thermostats are not only programmable, but often have smartphone apps that allow you to remotely adjust your home’s temperature no matter where you are? Yep, the power of thermostat innovation. Not only could you tackle a temperature setback right now, while on vacation, but you also could adjust to your ideal temperature right before you return and walk back into indoor bliss!  

However, even without an app, programmable thermostats can be adjusted by date. Just key in the desired setting while on vacation, and a more comfortable temperature for when your family returns. Easy peasy.  

One last bonus — get your home ready for vacay — tip from your friends at Best Heating and Cooling Utah… Lower blinds and close curtains within your home too. This super simple act helps slow the natural rising and lowering of the temperature within your home throughout the day due to outside elements. 

Cheers to summer smiles and vacation memories, and if you run into any A/C issues this summer know the skilled team at Best Heating and Cooling is always here to help! Call us (801) 492-0977 or schedule an appointment online