What to ask when buying a new HVAC system

Questions about a new HVAC system

Q1: Questions To Ask When Buying A New HVAC System

The dog days of summer are starting to wane. Football season and cooler temperatures are well on their way. If you’ve already done your maintenance check, then hopefully your HVAC system is good to go for many more seasons. While Best Heating & Cooling can take care of all of your service needs, it’s inevitable at some point you’ll need to research buying a new system.

With new products and technologies being introduced every year, what do you need to know to score the best HVAC system for your family? The Best Heating & Cooling team has the play-by-play on all the questions to ask when buying a new HVAC system.

Q2: How to Research Buying a New HVAC System

There are two main areas to research when buying a new HVAC system: Energy efficiency and size/type.

Energy Efficiency

The higher the Energy Star and SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings, the more energy-efficient the system is. To be Energy Star qualified, appliances must pass strict energy-efficient standards. This translates into money saved by less consumption.

Two factors among many that help your home to be energy efficient are to use proper insulation and to switch away from incandescent light bulbs around the house.

Size and Type of HVAC System

After factoring the square footage of your house and evaluating your home’s ductwork, the professionals at Best Heating & Cooling will make a recommendation of the size and type of unit that will cool your house most efficiently.

We may recommend either a semi or fully-automated system, with programming that turns on automatically and even adjusts throughout the day, based on the needs of your family.

Q3: What to ask when purchasing an HVAC system:

Now that you know what to research, what questions should you ask an HVAC professional, such as Best Heating & Cooling, before choosing to work with them and purchasing an HVAC system

  1. Will you provide proof of license and insurance?
  2. Will you share recent referrals for similar work?
  3. Will you provide a detailed, written estimate including make/model of the system, energy ratings, and records of measurement and testing?
  4. Will you show me how to operate my new system, and how to keep it performing at its best?
  5. Will you test my home’s air ducts for leakage?
  6. Will you complete and submit any warranty information or rebates, or is that my responsibility?
  7. Is a new filter included in semi-annual maintenance?

And ask yourself …

  • Did I check references from a non-biased source, or ask friends for recommendations?
  • Did the contractor come to my home to measure and evaluate the size and type of system that would be best?
  • Did the contractor offer information on available rebates or special offers?

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