Winter Is Coming. Are You Prepared?

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While our Salt Lake Valley winters don’t see the drastic temperature changes as our neighbors to the north do, fluctuations do exist and can wreak havoc on your HVAC system.

Here are some tips on preparing your Utah home for the upcoming winter months.

1. Check for air leaks around windows.

As newer houses settle, or as older houses start to develop rotting wood around windows and doors from the elements, cold air starts to seep in. This inefficiency causes your heating system to work harder.

Remedies include caulking and painting, or even replacing trim when necessary.

The U.S. Department of Energy suggests these tips to detect air leaks in your home, and even offers a guide on weatherstripping.

2. Prepare your lawn equipment for winter.

Take a walk around your house and look for equipment that should be brought into a garage or shed for winter storage. Hoses should be drained and stored. If you have a pool or sprinkler system, take the proper steps to close them down for the winter. Also consider shutting off the water valve to your outside spigot, which is completely unprotected from the elements.

Run your mower until the last drop of gas has been used, as gas can go stale when it sits for several months. Follow these tips to storing your mower in the winter.

3. Schedule your furnace tune-up.

Knowing ahead of time that there could be an issue with your system down the road, can prevent a busted furnace on a frigid winter day. Regular inspections by Best Heating & Cooling can ensure your system is running efficiently, giving you peace of mind through the winter months. Learn more and schedule your furnace inspection with Best.

4. Test and replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

It’s recommended to replace batteries twice a year in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and to test monthly. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers these answers on preventing carbon monoxide poisoning. Making sure your heating system is inspected regularly is one of the top ways to prevent this dangerous situation from occurring.

Best Heating & Cooling in Utah Can Help

Take a look at other common winter HVAC problems and see what steps you can take to keep your heating costs as low as possible in the coldest months. And when you’re ready to have your heating tune-up, call Best Heating & Cooling at (801) 492-0977. We serve Utah County and the Salt Lake City area.