The Importance of Spring Cleaning

dust bunny

Earth is waking up with the start of a new season. Now that spring is here, it’s time to start fresh with a clean home and a clean HVAC system to efficiently provide comfort for the warmer months ahead.

While you take care of spring cleaning your home, Best Heating & Air in Highland, Utah will take care of spring cleaning your HVAC unit!

Here are four ways you can make an impact on spring cleaning around the house:

Dust Bunnies Away!

The only type of bunny you want in your house this time of year is probably the chocolate variety! Your home — inside and out — has accumulated dust and debris throughout the winter months in places you may simply have overlooked. Tackling the dust in a good spring cleaning will remove unseen allergens recirculating throughout your home day after day. In a routine spring tune-up, Best Heating & Air will take care of cleaning your system, while you take care of cleaning the rest of your home.

Clear Outdoor Debris

Outdoor maintenance is just as important as indoor maintenance, and around-the-clock cooling from your air conditioning unit requires proper care. As a rule of thumb, it is wise to maintain two feet of clearance surrounding your system. Spring showers don’t just bring many flowers, they bring stubborn weeds as well! Creeping weeds can violate that necessary clearance and cause poor performance from your system.

Air Filter & Duct Maintenance

A dirty filter equals an ineffective filter. Pollen, dander, and dust are just some of the culprits that gunk up your filters throughout the seasons. These culprits don’t stop there, some are able to travel into the ductwork. Once this happens, they settle on coils and attach themselves to moisture. This creates a bacteria breeding frenzy. Proper maintenance of filters and ducts eliminates grime, while catching any sign of mold before it’s too late.

Stay Prepared with a Maintenance Plan

Hop out of hidden costs with preventative care. Many homeowners don’t consider creating a maintenance agreement out of fear they’re paying more than they need to. Regularly scheduled maintenance increases the longevity and efficiency of your HVAC unit while saving you money. Professionals inspect all parts for any damage or inconsistent output. Not only does this keep all components of your system in check, it also removes the possibility of system failure.

A fresh unit means a fresh start for you and your home. We proudly serve you at Best Heating & Air. If you live in the valley, contact us online or call at (801) 492-0977.